Saxon 3rd-8th


Plain textbook designed for the students to read and follow one lesson per day. Each lesson teaches a little and then the rest of the lesson is setup for practice of already covered skills. Concepts are taught in small, approachable increments. Increments are spread throughout the year, building in complexity, so that by the end of the year students have reached deep understanding and fluency. Practice and assessments include concepts from the most recent lessons as well as from earlier in the year, ensuring students retain all concepts and can make connections between them.


Grades 3-5: Intermediate Math
Grades 6-8: Math Course 1-3

Teachers edition, student text, solutions manual, common core workbook (required)

Online Activities: Interactive online activities and real-world calculator exploration activities

Manipulatives in Motion: Online or CD. Interactive, virtual, manipulatives correlated to lessons

Instructional Presentations: Online or CD. Ready-to-use presentations support each lesson. Contains examples from each lesson and answers from practice problems.