Excel Math w/ Common Core Teacher Edition K-6th


Excel Math SPIRALING – is a sophisticated process of introduction, reinforcement and assessment. It leads to mastery and long-term competency for each student. Excel continually bring in new topics, while refreshing math concepts they've learned before. Students aren't tested on a subject until they've had multiple chances to succeed in Guided Practice and Homework.

Excel Math CHECKANSWER – this unique self-assessment enables students to confirm their work. The CheckAnswer process helps students develop confidence and good work strategies. Students solve a set of 3-5 problems (A-C), add the answers and see if the sum matches the CheckAnswer (D). If it does, they move on. If not, they go back and re-check their calculation.

CREATE A PROBLEM: This feature enables students to express their own understanding of a story problem. It merges math and literacy. The program starts with simple stories and gives students a chance to observe what is happening in the story. They then use those observations to solve problems. Later in the curriculum students are asked to create a problem or two, and make up a CheckAnswer. Finally, students are able to finish a story in their own words, and write several problems about their story ending. This demonstrates mastery AND integration. The format of the page allows longer answers, along with charts, graphs and other expressions of their solutions.


Write-in Student text are printed on legal-size paper. Common Core aligned Teacher Edition (simple 1 page lesson plan and answer keys). Limited online resources. Spanish version available.