Tk8 Reopening Letter

TK8 Reopening Plans
Dear Parents, Students, and Families,
We are excited to open our campus for in-person elective center classes.  We have worked to develop a plan that is based on current guidelines distributed by the Center for Disease Control, the California Department of Public Health, the Butte County Public Health Department, Butte County Office of Education, and several other sources.  Our plan is based on current information and may need to be amended as we receive updated guidance.  Keeping our students, staff, and families safe during these unprecedented times is a top priority for CORE Butte Charter School.

The decision of whether or not to return to in-person elective center classes will be a personal choice for each family.  We understand that there are many factors involved in making this decision.  If your student will not be attending in-person classes their teachers will provide activities to support students learning at home.  It may not look the same as the Zoom class but will give them access to the center class content.
Here is our schedule for the upcoming weeks:
Alternating In-person Cohorts for TK-8
o  October 26 & 28 - M/W classes on campus, T/R virtual classes
o  November 3 & 5 - T/TR students on campus, M/W virtual classes
o  November  9 - M classes on campus, T/R virtual classes (W Holiday)
o  November 17 & 19 - T/TR students on campus, M/W virtual classes
o  November 23-27 - no students on campus (Thanksgiving week)
o  November 30 & 2 - M/W classes on campus, T/R virtual classes
o  December 8 & 10 -  T/R classes on campus, M/W virtual classes
o  December 14 - No students on campus
I would ask that you take a few minutes with your student to review the protocols that will be in place as we reopen the center for elective classes.

TK8 Reopening Protocols 
CORE Butte COVID-19 Response Plan
Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

If you could take a minute to fill out the following survey to let us know if your student plans to return to classes when we reopen, this will help us to facilitate a smooth transition for all of our students.  

CORE Butte Return to Classes Survey

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions.

Konnie Barker