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CORE Butte, in an effort to take a proactive approach to identifying temporarily displaced and/or homeless children and youths, is requesting that families complete the California Department of Education recommended annual Housing Questionnaire.  The purpose of gathering this information is to ensure that children and youth who are experiencing homelessness are provided the rights and services to which they are entitled to under the McKinney-Vento Act. The questionnaire may be completed by a student’s parent/guardian, caregiver, or in the case of unaccompanied youth, by the student themselves.  If needed, a homeless liaison is available to assist.

This information will be kept confidential and will only be shared with school staff that are responsible for providing services to students and their families, as well as those staff responsible for keeping track of how many homeless students are identified in the charter school.  Housing Questionnaires, and/or the information, gathered are not part of a student’s cumulative file.  The information provided on the Housing Questionnaire should be accurate and true. 

We are asking that all families, regardless of housing status, complete the Housing Questionnaire via the link provided below.  
2020-2021 CDE Housing Questionnaire